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 How much does a Living Trust cost?
$750 for a single person 
$1,000 for a married couple
(Plus Notarizing and Witnessing fee)
The cost above is for an entire Estate Plan, which includes a Revocable Living Trust, Pour-over Will, Power of Attorney for Financial and Power of Attorney for Healthcare
We can also assist you in transferring your real estate into your Living Trust and the cost is an additional $250 per property.
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What Is a Living Trust?
A Living Trust is a written document that places your assets into a Trust. This Trust becomes effective immediately upon the creation of the Trust itself. Under the Trust document, a Trustee is appointed. A Trustee is a person who controls the Trust and therefore controls the property contained in the Trust. The Trust document specifies exactly how your assets shall be distributed upon your death. A Living Trust can be revoked and may be modified. In addition, property can be added to the Trust at any time. A  Living Trust must be signed, witnessed and acknowledged by a Notary Public. The creation of a Living Trust will allow your loved ones to avoid Probate after your death. 

How much does a Will cost?
$250 per person

What Is a Will?
A Will is a document that provides specific instructions for the distribution of your property upon your death. A Will becomes effective upon the death of the individual who created the Will. In addition, a Will may contain other provisions to ensure that your wishes are included in the document, such as specific last requests and guardianship of children. A Will allows for the appointment of an Executor who will distribute the property according to the provisions in the Will. A Will must be signed and witnessed.  A Will can be changed at any time prior to your death. Upon your death,a Will usually goes through Probate.

What is Probate?
Probate is the judicial process that distributes a person's assets after they die. The Probate Court takes an inventory of the deceased's assets and liabilities and distributes those assets after paying any outstanding debts. In most states, probate is required even if there is a Will.   The probate process can take up to two years and costs thousands in fees.  If you want to avoid probate entirely to make things easier for your loved ones when you die, you can distribute your assets through a Revocable Living Trust
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