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Ellie Tipton Ortiz, an experienced mediator and legal document service provider specializing in Divorce Mediation, Living Trusts, Immigration, Credit Repair, Conservatorship, Guardianship and any other legal documents.Each year millions of people sign up for monthly gym memberships and hire personal trainers in hopes of improving their physical condition…. 

But what about the condition of their personal affairs?  
Laguna Beach Legal can help you get your affairs in shape.  Sign up for the Laguna Beach Legal Monthly Membership.  Members receive unlimited free notary service, up to $500 in credit annually towards any document preparation by Laguna Beach Legal.  All clients receive personal attention and high quality service.  Call our office for details (949) 497-9800.
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We will provide you with personal, high-quality and reliable, affordable legal document, mediation and paralegal services.
Bonded and Certified Legal Document Assistant, LDA # 267
We are not attorneys and I cannot give you legal advice.  A Legal Document Assistant provides only self help service to a member of the public who is representing himself or herself in a legal matter. We are, however, very experienced and knowledgeable in divorce mediation and we work closely with several Orange County attorneys who can give you the legal advise you need,