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Ellie Tipton Ortiz, an experienced mediator and legal document service provider specializing in Divorce Mediation, Living Trusts, Immigration, Credit Repair, Conservatorship, Guardianship and any other legal documents.
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Laguna Legal Document & Mediation Services is Orange County's best legal document and mediation service specializing in:
  • Uncontested Divorce - $500 per month x 3 months 
  • Mediated Divorce - $500 per month x 6 months  (Assist both Petitioner & Respondent with all paperwork, includes mediation)
  • Divorce Mediation Hourly and Packages
  • QDRO (Pre-Tax Division of 401K/Pension) -$1,500
  • Child Custody/Support Modification - $500-$1,500
  • Guardianship or Conservatorship - $1,500
  • Corporation - $500-$750
  • Credit Repair - $500 - $750
  • Deeds - $250

  • Immigration - $500-$1,000
  • Power of Attorney - $250

  • Special Needs Trust - $1,000 - $1,500

  • Living Trust Amendment - $250-$500
  • Living Trust Complete Estate Plan
        Starting at $750 Single, $1,000 Married

* Prices above do not include filing fees, consultation fees, mediation fees, trips to the court, notarization, etc. These prices vary based on the individual situation. Please call for more details (949) 497-9800.

Even if you don't see the service you are looking for on this site, call us.  If we can't help you, we will refer you to someone reliable that can.  We work closely with Living Trust and Estate Planning attorneys, Family Law attorneys, and Credit Repair/Bankruptcy attorneys.

Read the "About Us" tab to get more information about Ellie Tipton Ortiz and her background as a mediator and legal document service provider.  
Click on the picture below to hear a radio interview, which outlines our mediation and estate planning services.
Radio interview with Orange County Mediator, Ellie Tipton Ortiz and Beverlly Hills Divorce Attorney, Barry Fischer.